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Retail Inter-Disciplinary Design Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Retail Inter-Disciplinary Design - Essay ExampleThus the sell particularised solutions have become very(prenominal) essential to create a competitive edge over its opponent players. The two major components that construct of a retials business tore must focus argon design of interiors and establishing a favorable environment for effective the visual communication (Retail Systems, n.d.) Thus a good sell unit must be able to create the synergy between technologies and solutions used in base of functional space for the business and the business operations. Thus such units would be able to achieve best delivery of consumer service and increased margins in the business. Some of the specific interventions in the retail system designs are (i) Reliable and secure systems based on efficient automated systems and (ii) Solutions that are environmentally friendly and comprise effective operations (Salvador, et al. , 2006).Every retail store need to address different aspects of design is sues ranging from systems that control customer re tennertion to the mechanisms that could effectively monitor the shop lifting. The most basic aspect in the maintaining a memorable shop experience to the customers is by keeping the store and its surroundings neat and clean. Though it is the least(prenominal) expensive method in attracting and retaining the customers , it is found to be the most difficult thing to be undertaken. The ten most important parameters that need special attention are as followsAvoiding dirty bathrooms Whether the bathrooms and restrooms in the retail stores are to general public or not it must be a mandatory surgical operation to keep these facilities neat and clean. Untidy Dressing RoomsThe dressing rooms need to be wedded appropriate attention to keep the unattended or discarded articles like, hangers, tags or empty packs etc. away. This business office need to be closely monitored especially after the customers have used the room. Music turning ver y loud. Music could create a positive mood during the shopping period. But very loud symphony could generate a negative impact and could even force the customers to have an early exit from the store. unbecoming signs and display boardThe display boards and sign if placed improperly or in illegible expressive style would cause ambiguity in the minds of the customers. These display items must be professionally designed and placed in such way to make the shopping activity more simple, effortless(prenominal) and enjoyable. Stained and slippery floors.The shopping activities too at times lead to severe accidents. If the floors are not kept tidy or if have any stains on them could lead to some accidents. The regular cleaning of the floor by sweeping, clean cleaning or mopping need to be regularly carried out. The stains portions of the floors, ceiling or any straightaway visible portions must be immediately attended and necessary action for its removal need to be carried out. Poor li ghting facility Ensuring proper illumination is one of the most essential requirement in ant retail store. Only good illumination could help to make the shopping process less stressful. Thus any burned out lights shall be replaced immediately and illumination shall be maintain.Presence of queasy Odors Even though some familiar smell of fertilizers used in the indoor gardens

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Essay on Contemporary Comparison Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

On Contemporary Comparison - Essay ExampleThe onset of Islam as a religion led to many lowerting and understanding its vision of establishing itself as a formidable religious ground alongside other religions. This began with the creation of Islamic based civilization in the Middle East, the Persian states and later in the Turkish states. The 13th century saw the joining of Africa and Asia as major forces of Islamic traditions. Unlike many other religions, Islam came up and provided a neutral ground for its followers. It did not discriminate in terms of race or color. This led to the creation of a strong, unshakable and one minded sort out of followers. It also gave all its believers the chance to further their knowledge in any field whatsoever plainly as long as this knowledge did not in any way interfere with the sacred standpoint of Islam. It also allowed for those not incorporated into the Islamic religion to participate in any intelligent exercise so long as it benefited the whole community. Those who embraced Islam had a chance to further their civilization after(prenominal) the rise of Islam. Such groups such as the Persians who were locomote in their ways of living and trade advanced further after they embraced Islam. After the death of its founder Prophet Mohammed, Abu Bakr became the first caliph. He was the leader of Islamic religion for twain years then Umar took over. Umar enabled Islamic religion to capture more grounds and get more followers in the east as well as the west therefore manner of speaking the Persian region, Egypt and Syria under its fold. He advocated for the other religions as well. This was evident when he led the march of Muslim followers into Jerusalem to demand the security of Christian strongholds. He also saw the creation of a financial set up to cater of Muslims finances. Afterwards Uthman took over leadership and is highly credited to convey made copies of the Holy Quran and distributed them across the world w here Muslims were. During the Umayyad caliphate the capital of Islam was in Damascus but this was go to Baghdad by the Abbasids. This saw the transformation of Baghdad into a strong political stronghold of the undefiled world. The Abbasids were in a leadership position for a little over 500 years whereby after they began loosing the sense of authority they wielded thus remaining with only symbolic influence. The sultans wielded the military authority. During the hulk of Abbasids several empires came into domain for instance the Fatimids and the Mamluks who had big authority in Egypt and the Palestine. This reign saw the many crusades that the Pope advocated for and that got vast support from leaders in Europe. The Popes greatest motivation for such crusades was majorly to reclaim the consecrate land of Jerusalem that had transformed from a Christianity stronghold to an Islamic stronghold. This was possible in the beginning and roughly parts that had shifted to Islam were tran sformed to Christianity such as some regions in Syria, although this did not last under the reign of the decorated Muslim ruler Saladin who reclaimed these regions and saw to the downfall of the crusaders. During the time when the Abbasids came to power, one prince who belonged to the former leadership of Umayyad made a get away and went to Spain where he established Umayyad leadership. This became the onset of Islam in Spain for the next two centuries until the downfall of t

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Desire and Crime of Young People Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Desire and Crime of boyish People - Essay ExamplePassive goodness and dynamic evil are choices that in themselves whitethorn or may not be adequate or objectionable, but that in terms of the refreshed are neither. (Burgess, pp 41-49)While strain theory offered to motivate research, it commonly formed frail consequences. Strain in much of this work was considered as the inconsistency between professional or instructive ambitions and prospect for advantage in these fields. The conclusion from this research commonly demonstrated that criminal behavior was most probable when two desires and prospects were low results which leaned to suggest support reliable with control theory. Research using substitute procedures of strain, such as professed blocked possibilities or the disjunction between financial desires and instructive means were more helpful of the vantage point however results were destabilized when opposing theories were integrated into the study on desire and crime of young mess. Utilized as procedures of an entrance to triumph through legal means, or the attainment of victory, these varied results provided additional proof to intrust away the typical strain perception.A strain is not only the result of the loser ... He conflicted that the democratic ideology and American Dream, often escorted persons to assess themselves with an orientation to those higher in the stratification system of rules parting those inferior in the stratification system feeling comparatively disadvantaged and more at peril for criminal activities. Comparative dispossession is said to lead to both useful and non-utilitarian crimes. While people might engage in wealth crimes to get money in an effort to reduce these approaches, comparative dispossession is also considered to be connected to aggression because people are angered by their failure to share in the pronounced wealth that seductively surrounds them but remains beyond reach.

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What anti-smoking ordinances are in effect in your community Assignment

What anti-smoking ordinances are in movement in your community - Assignment ExampleThe smoking ordinances in our community de bonny smoking as the smoking of tobacco including cigarettes, and all other products related to tobacco. Prohibition of tobacco products is therefore precludeed in places of accommodation and entertainment, places of work, public places, parks and buildings, public vehicles and any other means of public transport, social areas such(prenominal) as bars and restaurants. The ordinances allow the involved parties to put up posters restricting smoking in these places. The smoking ordinances however define the allowed smoking areas in commercial and business places where smoking is allowed. These places are designed to be away from other people. Smokers can therefore visit these places and smoke without any fines being imposed on them. The anti smoking force further allow the people who serve at these places to act as their supervisors and report any persons who are found smoking in these areas.The school in addition has rules and regulations that prohibit smoking around the campus. These rules prevent people from smoking around the campus area and impose a fine to those that are found smoking. The effectiveness of the rule is ensured by putting up posters that indicate that people are not allowed to smoke. The rule has been effective with many people having to pay the fines due to smoking. Others have learned from the love of those that have already paid the fines and thus are able to refrain from smoking.The main advantage win in support of the regulation is the health benefit that arises from absence of smoking (Mitchell 202). These are instances such as a notable decline in the levels of harmful compounds in the air, resulting to reduction in the levels of air taint which in turn has resulted to significant reduction in heart attack levels. Cases of respiratory problems as

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Is Going Green an Empty Fad or a Powerful Tool for Competitive Essay

Is Going greenish an Empty Fad or a Powerful Tool for Competitive Advantage for Modern make-up - Essay ExampleSeveral techniques standardized utilizing the energy of sun and wind, saving water, exploitation laptops, fluorescent bulbs, maintain king cost, planting trees, taking ayurveda medicines etc,. Pharmaceutical medicines should be replaced by natural remedies and medications so that home remedies like using of natural herbs faecal matter cure the ailments in a healthier method. Green living is a easy method which everyone can adopt in their daily life. One can plant trees to take carbon dioxide, recycle the mobile battery, use biogas as a discharge, use solar cooker, solar buffer and build eco-friendly houses. (Martin, 2010)Benefits of going green Going green will soon be identified as a cost of business. Turning to Eco-friendly can reduce the cost because it is noned that companies reduce what they use .Thus the exploitation generates increased revenues from better products and can also make new business.Business going green is not just an empty fad because fad always has followers and can change within a short term. But green living will sustain in the lifestyles of good deal. With various awareness programs people today are enough conscious about the green living and they not only stay the environment but also contribute towards it. Living green does not suggest to build eco-friendly houses which can be expensive but it suggest to utilize the natural energy like installing skylight roofs or using low watt bulbs, gardening, saving bills by investing solar panels or using of smoke free vehicles. (GGI, 2010 ANERN, 2010).For industries to acquire a leadership role in the world fight the necessary of greener tomorrow has increased drastically. Industries are nowadays being recognized and awarded foe taking actions to go green. later Indias top companies and industries are adopting ecological sustainability in the business practice. Various in dustries like automobiles, IT, Thermal power stations, and banking sectors are adopting green technologies in their business for healthier improvement in their business. Under are a couple of(prenominal) examples of the industry which have adopted green technology- Energy sector Energy sector vie the major role in focusing on green technology .For instance. Suzlon Energy, one of the greenest companies with worlds third largest producer of wind-turbine having a factory in Pondicherry, which works with wind energy.It focuses on the best practices to fuel stable growthand expansion in markets. (Thambi, 2010) Another company, Origin Oil, a Los Angels found company with uphill leader in growing biomass and pollution absorbent.It is aiming at transforming algae through growth and extraction process. alga are a source of renewable oil which is one of the competitors of petroleum and it can use as diesel, plastics fuel and gasoline. It is believed that the changing technology will lead t o much modernization in the future. (OriginOil, 2010).ONGC a India based company has also launched green projects among the local society .The project regarding the Mokshada Green Cremation saved 70% of woodland and the burning time per resources. (India Syndicate, 2009) FMCG Sectors Lately FMCG sectors also were not left aside in

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Accountability within Professions (read article and answer the Essay

Accountability within Professions (read article and answer the questions) - test ExampleDenying the Code of Conduct result be unethical, hence, one the foremost practices of a physician would be to inform the parents as to what would be the next course of action.The point being that although L.K is grim, the results are not confirm about the kidney damage as yet. The experts have been called upon and once something more concrete is noted about L.Ks condition, it impart be easier to speak further in this case. However, as of now, there is no point copulation his parents about his condition which is only transient, and make them worry even further. Hence, keeping these points in mind, I will first wait for the experts advice on L.Ks condition, as for the parents, I will sure as shooting give them a briefing about L.Ks condition without getting into the details and I will believably also let them know about the uncertainty of L.Ks condition. However, I will telephone set optimist ic about improvements in L.Ks condition.Dealing with an impaired colleague there are sort of a lot of ways of appropriateing with an impaired colleague at work, especially on interlingual rendition the case of Paul Daniels, one can understand he repercussions of his drinking lines had the intern not apply her sensibilities and discretion while giving the lower dose.The first thing that is to be understood is to acknowledge the problem, this is because citation brings about a clear understanding and a clearer perspective to problem-solving. Once you have acknowledged the problem you can then have a talk with that particular medical doctor. In this case, talking to Dr. Daniel didnt really yield out any results hence it is now up to Dr. Carla to report him probably to a higher authority. Also since Dr. Martin seems to be on a denial mode it is better that she can probably ask all the people working at the hospital to cooperate with her in trying to deal with Dr. Martin and point out to him whenever he falters. On

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The Educational Level of Leadership and Effectiveness of Thesis

The Educational take aim of Leadership and Effectiveness of Organizational Change - Thesis ExampleIn this regard, leaders responsible for preparation and implementation of the counter diverseness must be able to understand different factors of change and in situations where a great deal(prenominal) an understanding is absent, governances have been experiencing failures in the process of change. For this reason, the proposed research will be focusing on one of the major factors of organizational change, educational level of leadership, and subsequently, importance of educational and understanding level in the work force as good (Williams et al, 2002). In specific, changes in organizations are observable in various forms, such as technological change, structural change, strategic change, and thus, these initiatives require a huge amount of effort for the success however, insufficiency of importance of educational level results in contrary results. In this regard, proposed resea rch will be an set about to identify and analyze different processes and procedures associated with the organizational change that will provide beneficial outcomes to the business community.In addition, it is an observation that due to such a significant importance of organizational change, leaders do non provided have the responsibility of carrying out the process of change in an organized manner. However, at the alike(p) time, they should continue the process of evaluation of management competency, and in other words, educational level of leadership, as well as the workforce that will be crucial to the success of changes in the organization (Poole, 2000). For this purpose, a elementary area of focus for this research will be the relationship of an educated workforce from not only a competitive perspective for the organization, but also for those who find themselves on the receiving end of changes to their workplace. In addition, more leaders find themselves working with noth ing more than a conceptualization of what the reorganizational development will realize like, to developing and refining the concept into a plan of action and implementation. Moreover, leaders and managers experienced with organizational change may find it surprising of the failure rate of organizations that undertake change initiatives involving restructuring and reengineering efforts. It is surprising that as much as eighty percent of organizations that undertake change initiatives fail at meeting their objectives (Black & Gregersen, 2008). This number is preferably stunning. The challenge however, is in determining reasons for this failure that will be the major part of the proposed research. In specific, without a solid foundation in understanding the approaches and ways of planning and analysis of change, and understanding application of the change-theory to an organization that is undergoing change, failure is a likely outcome (Williams et al, 2002). Thus, as with a companys infrastructure involving its employees periodic function within its operations, and its relationship to competitiveness and profitability, a connection will be possible to the selfsame(prenominal) employees and their educational level with their ability to work within the same constructs then add into the equation change

Ecology and the Environment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Ecology and the Environment - establish ExampleThe rise in temperature also contributed to the melting of glaciers, increase in floods and hurricanes. Plants and trees are much primary(prenominal) in retaining the temperature of the acres by consuming carbon dioxide to make food for them. If the number of plants and trees lessens, there leave be an in increase in the carbon foundationprints as conceived by the current carbon foot print ratio. A research on the forests shows that the forests remained only coving the 6% of the earth and the research notifies that the 6% of the state of forests will last for 40 years if the current forest cut down rate is considered (Rain-tree.com 2010). local anesthetic and surrounding ecology and environment Canada is a wealthy verdant in terms of having various types of ecosystems akin forest ecosystem, mountainous ecosystem, arctic ecosystem and grassland eco system, while the forests of the region contribute heavily to the 6% portion of for ests with equable as well as boreal forests (Natural Resources Canada 2009). Canada is linked with the three major parts of the world by oceans. The climate of the regions is supports the forests and forests retains a healthy climate in the region. Forests not only contribute in do the countrys atmosphere better but share in the countrys delivery also. ... Mountainous ecosystem is important in retaining the water and releasing it to use after treating the water. Human activities and ecology The military personnel activities as agricultures and another(prenominal) such related activities are supported by the forests as it provides water and other naturally healthy land for the agriculture. In the response, such human activities became a big trouble for the forests and the habitat. As the inorganic fertilizers and pesticides employ by the farmers are not well accepted by the forests habitat. The water that is utilized for the forests became poisonous by the chemical fertilizers a nd pesticides and other such chemical compounds. The urban environment is now a biggest threat for the forests, as the urban environment contributes much in producing green house gases emissions. However, as the country has in total 0.2% urban areas, the pollution and green house gasses form the other regions of the world mainly the surrounding regions influences the forests. Water and air pollution affects not only a single habitat of the earth but it affects the whole food chain (Environment Canada 2010). Global warming and ecosystem Due to the legitimate policies considering the forests, the process of dim down the forests is slowed and it influenced the reduction in the harmful fumes from the factories and vehicles that are endangering the humans and other habitat of the neck of the woods (Health Canada 2006). In a research that is conducted to verify the level of toxic fumes showed that the presence of hundred and lux chemical toxics in the region. The toxic chemicals are so much influencing the human habitat that about fiver thousand children die before even they are born in the region of Ontario. Due to the

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Deaf readings and Questionss 2 Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

desensitise readings and Questionss 2 - Coursework ExampleThe fact factors like gender and language also further disintegrates the students, both the change and the abled, should be something that can be dealt with. P atomic number 18nts should expose their children to different languages at an early age to avoid inconveniences. These are both the spoken and the written language (24). This would help avoid discrimination.Mertens 1990, after a thorough research on academic doing for both the students with hearing problems and the hearing students, came up with a surprising report. The performance of the hearing students was way higher than that of the non-hearing students. This may raise critics against the combined mode of learning which is putting them in all in a common institution. To avoid this, i advocate that although they are to learn in the equivalent environment, there has to be some extra or rather special classes of either of the hearing or the hard of hearing studen ts so as to put them on almost the same

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HR Strategy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

HR Strategy - Essay ExampleThe mogul Faisal health check City is just one of the elements in the plan of the Saudi g everywherenment to structure beginning(a) healthc ar institutions all through the kingdom. PESTEL Analysis The King Faisal Medical City has hospitals that specialize in neurology, cardiology, rehabilitation, oncology, and ophthalmology. These hospitals start out a capacity of more than 1000 beds. The city overly has other social institutions like mosques, sell outlets, apartments and a hotel within the King Faisal Medical City. The main aim for concentrating such modern healthcare facilities in one region was to try and facilitate for the de-institutionalization of healthcare by availing family and patient-centred healthcare delivery options to the public. The King Faisal Medical City, which is based in Saudi Arabias Southern Province, is a 262,836-square-meter medical city. There are contrastive external factors that affect the manner in which operations with in it take place. Political Review nonetheless though it is a recognized fact that the Middle East is an area that tends to be politically unstable, the solid ground of Saudi Arabia does not usually have many incidents of political instability because of its authoritarian government. The nation also holds approximately 25% of the worlds total supply of oil reserves. This means that not further is the nation well able to structure and plan for modern medical facilities for its population, the existence of its reserves in oil also encourages other nations to push for stability in the nation even when many of its neighbours are embroiled in conflicts. Saudi Arabias political stability has encouraged health-related organizations in developed nations to empower in it. Economic Competitive Review Saudi Arabias prudence, propelled forward by its oil reserves, has been slavish in the transformation of all of the nations different sectors- among which is the healthcare sector. Today, S audi Arabias economy is ranked as one of the most competitive ones in the international arena (AlFaris, Abdulgader, and Alkhenizan, 431). It pharmaceutical trade has been witnessing double digit growth on an annual basis since half a decade agone (Al Juhani and Kishk, 167). This is quite an impressive and attractive platform for alien health-based corporations which are looking to invest in a vibrant market. According to Almalki, Fitzgerald, and Clark, Saudi Arabia, along with other nations such as Russia, China, Brazil, and India, present the best markets for health based companies (Almalki, Fitzgerald, and Clark, 1481). Socio-Cultural Review The Saudi Arabian healthcare sector is mostly reliant on expat medical personnel to fill vacancies for medical practitioners such as nurses, doctors, and pharmacists. Being probably the most unprogressive culture in the world, Saudi Arabias nationals may not be able to take over many of these vacancies because of existing cultural prohibit ions that bar them from engaging in some medical practices. The reality of foreign workers taking over the majority of jobs in Saudi Arabias medical sector means that the boilersuit culture is constantly being exposed to different changes from foreigners. Technological review The majority of local Saudi firms do not have the technology unavoidable to create products such as are required to effect

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Alignment of Academic standards with ELL Proficiency standards Essay

Alignment of Academic standards with ELL Proficiency standards - Essay ExampleThe soil and federal government have provided money to aid in the education of students with disabilities (Arizona incision of Education, 2008).President furnish in 2000 proposed what is famously known as No Child is Left Behind, which needed all students to visualise or attain set strict standards. The federal policy stated in the no pip-squeak is left behind that ELL students be included in State valuatements and measure or assess the wording proficiency of students with reliable, valid assessments in areas reading and writings skills and oral language. In addition, the educators were to consider comprehension, reading, writing, listening and verbalise skills of students. These assessments were to help students gain academic achievements as required by States. The main objectives of these assessments were to be designed to assess academic English. Under the no child is left behind act, it was stat ed that all students had the ability to draw their minimum competency level as long as the teachers were committed to their work.According to Arizona Department of Education (2008), in most cases standards are defined they are applied as a tense and expectations are lined on the individual. In public education sector there is the notion that light can be taught in that if the student fails to meet the requirements, the teacher or school is blamed for dour performance of the student. The state and federal government want to attain standards at all cost still in real sense do not.Arizona department of education states that the main objective is to check that high school graduates in the country have rough knowledge and skills they require for a flight or college. The converse of this objective should be that those students who do not have skills and knowledge for a passage or college would not graduate high school. For instance, if there two tests for certain things and the tw o tests

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International Business- Foreign Direct Investment Essay

external Business- Foreign Direct Investment - Essay ExampleVertical FDI involves locating different stages of production in different countries. Oil companies showcase vertical FDI through production/drilling, product refining and distribution in different countries. Lastly, conglomerate FDI where a firm acquires controlling interests in a firm operating in a different country.FDI brings the advantage of job provision, injection of cash into the economy, income to governments through taxation and infrastructural/technological organic evolution (Nehaus 42-45). However, the firms may concentrate the top and crucial management positions with expatriates while also repatriating profits to their home countries (Kapil 629). Besides, financial downturns such as the recent global economic crisis would see the firm close the foreign investments first. Nehaus (142) discusses the OLI persona of attracting FDI- Ownership advantages, Locational advantages and benefits of Internationalization, where locational influences can be determined by the host country. Here, big markets, removal of market initiation barriers, subsidies and lower costs, good infrastructure, trade openness and economic and political stability promote FDI. At totally times, the country has to be aware that it is competing with other countries to receive the

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Introduction to Networking Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 2

Introduction to Networking - Essay ExampleThe firearm of the controller stack is usually implemented in a low cost device, which contains a microprocessor and a Bluetooth radio. The host stack is implemented as an installable package or an operating system. In integrated devices deal Bluetooth headsets, the controller and host stack are run on the same microprocessor in order to compact production costs. L2CAP is used in the Bluetooth communications protocol stack to pass packets to Host Controller Interface (HCI) or to the link manager.Communication between computers in a character reference bear network utilizes various elements of the fibre channel principles. Fibre channel communication is usually done in units of four 10-bit codes referred to as transmission word. The transmission words enhance passage of information between the systems. In transferring information, it is indispensable for fibre channel communication to comprise some meta-data. This facilitates setting up of links and sequence management. The fibre channel protocol usually transmits data in frames. In addition, the protocol has non-data frames, which are used for messaging and setup purposes (Matthews, 2005). cross-file transfer protocol is a network protocol used in transferring files between two hosts all over a TCP based network like the internet (Liang, 2011). It is mostly used in uploading mesh pages from a private development system to a public web-hosting server. It is built using client-server architecture and uses assorted control and data connections in the client and server.This protocol describes an internet standard for email transmission crossways the internet protocol networks. This protocol works best when the receiving and sending machines are connected to a network all the time. This protocol comprises three command sequences, which include mail command, RCPT and data commands. The mail command establishes the emergence address while RCPT command establishes t he recipient of the message. On the other hand,

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Advanced Database Systems Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Advanced Database Systems - Essay ExampleAdditionally, all of these computers argon connected with each other and every system has the capability to process the data individually consequently helping local systems. In addition, each of the systems contributes in running a one or umteen wide-reaching database applications. However, a distributed database is not installed on a single location completely. But, it is divided throughout a internet of computers that argon physically detached and linked via communications medium. However, these types of system require accessing data from a single place. Thus, the distributed nature of the database is unknown to its clients as well as this simplicity appears itself in a unalike means. In more simple words, a distributed database (DDB) is a set of numerous, reasonably organized databases, spread over a large size computer network. A distributed DBMS is the computer application software that helps manage the distributed database as well as enables the sharing apparent to the clients. Moreover, the term of distributed database system (DDBS) is normally utilized to state both(prenominal) distributed database systems as well as distributed database steering system. Furthermore, the distributed database focusing systems are similar to the distributed file systems in a sense that they help access distributed data (Oracle Corporation, 2003), (Camarinha-Matos, 2010), (Borysowich, 2007) and (Ozsu, 2010). This report discusses some legal and ethical issues that need to be considered when introducing a distributed database system. In this connection this report will analyze the legal and ethical issues that apply to distributed and relative databases. DISTRIBUTED DATABASE After the emergence of the distributed networks (which later on became more and more popular), the need for the development of distributed database management systems turned out to be more critical. In this regard, a distributed system differs from a centralise structure in one main feature The information and data is frequently in the command of data are distributed/dispersed over two or additional distantly scattered places. On the other hand, distributed database management systems are exposed to a lot of security challenges more than that exist within a centralized DBMS. Additionally, the improvement of proper distributed database security has been challenging through the comparatively new development of the object-oriented database range. Moreover, this innovative paradigm is not able to be disregarded. Thus, it has been formed to tackle with the rising complication of the data stored in sure business or corporate database structures (Coy, 1996) and (Camarinha-Matos, 2010). Distributed systems basically allow users to access files that are placed on different computer systems. Additionally, this data has no obvious organization as well as the relationships between data in diverse files are not handled by the system and ar e the clients duty. In this scenario, a distributed database system is developed on the basis of a design (normally called schema) that describes together the arrangement of the distributed data, as well as the relations between the data. In addition, this design can be expressed with a number of data models, such as object-oriented or relational data model. In this regard, a distributed database management system encompasses all the tasks of a database management system. For instance, it offers advanced transaction management, declarative query capability and fairness implementation. However, in fact distributed database management systems differ from transaction processing systems due to the fact that transaction proce

Traumatic or emotional Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Traumatic or emotional - Essay interpreterShe asked where his father was and her mother answered that he has not gone down yet.Joan asked him what was wrong with him but he did not answer. Her mother went by the side of her father and helped bring him to the sofa to let him lie down. At this visor, Joan became sick and suggested that they call 911, her mother agreed.Meanwhile, Joan felt so nervous seeing her dad trying to catch his breath. She as well noticed cold sweats on his forehead. Her mom loosened the shirt of his dad and added pillows under his head. some(prenominal) Joan and her mom were at a loss on what to do. Suddenly, Joan noticed that her dad lost consciousness.It was at this point that Joan started wailing in reality hard while her mom was sobbing. Joan tried to give artificial respiration, though she really does not know how. Ten minutes later, the doorbell rang and it was the paramedics. The paramedics utter that her dad was suffering from a philia attack and that he needed to be brought to the hospital as soon as possible. They also said that both Joan and her mom can ride with them in the ambulance but that they should stay calm. They slowly lifted up Joans dad to the stretcher and placed him inside the ambulance.Joan rode in the ambulance with her mom. She watched intently as the paramedics were trying to freshen up his dad. Joan was filled with fear because she can see that the paramedics efforts seem futile. Her dad was still unconscious. She was worried for her dad and at the same time she wanted to be strong for her mom. She struggled to regain her composure and hugged her mom tightly to alleviate her. She began to pray silently asking idols intervention. She never prayed so hard in her life. She asked God to take care of her dad. She prayed that it is nothing serious. She also prayed for strength for her and her mom.When they reached the hospital, Joans dad was rushed to the

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Leisure Outfit Ltd (LOL) Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Leisure Outfit Ltd (LOL) - Assignment interpreterThe bank currently wants the overdraft amount to be reduced over the tenure of next six months. In this regard, the paper presents a comprehensive analytical report to the board of directors of the company on the financial beat of LOL so that the roots of the problem is understood and resolved accordingly. Two problems have been detected so farthermost with respect to the company and these are the excessive dependency on over-draft and cash worry. It is expected that this situation testament affect firms short term and long term solvency as well. Considering this factors, the ratio analytic thinking was considered appropriate for evaluating financial rate and profitability of the company. The cash position of the company will also be compared between both the years so as to understand where the firm has been investing most of its cash.The liquidity assessment is best conducted with the help of current ratio and acid test ratio. The current ratio points towards a proportionate financial relationship between current assets and current liabilities. The current assets of LOL have improved from 4356, 000 to 9974, 000 which trick be considered healthy but deeper analysis suggest the sharp decline in the cash position of the company. In addition, inventory has also increased significantly over the year. The ratio has shrunk from 1.76 to 1.13 indicating illiquidity. The other reasons for the decline were determine to be high overdraft that the company received from the bank and almost doubled trade payable. Considering other factors beingness justifiable, the issue related to the sharp decline in cash require significant attention of the management (Penman 1-35).In addition to that, the acid test ratio revealed that the ratio has declined from 0.781 to 0.471 which is again other concerning area. The main reason was determined to be the high amount of stocked inventory.

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Your Job And Your Happiness Essay Example for Free

Your Job And Your Happiness look forHappiness is commonly associated with pleasure and contentment. These are fairly subjective states of being, and their causes are equally subjective. However, when it comes to form or societal life, employment clearly has the greater effect on happiness. Whether a job provides a social life, supports it, or interferes with it, it is tightly bound to happiness. For m any sight, work is their source of happiness in life. They follow their passions and arrogatet regard what they do as work. Their co-workers become their friend group, merging social life and work life into one. They often find jobs that make an impact on the world, and offer them contentment and self-fulfillment. These impassioned people see an outside social life as inconsequential, and they willingly and consciously give it up in favor of work they love.A job that regularly interferes with a normal social life creates an disgusted life and lessens happiness. Hourly worker s must often work overtime or on holidays, interfering with be after activities. Salaried workers frequently bring their work home with them, or they worry about their work responsibilities man at home. Others have to report to work at a moments notice any time of day or night. Some jobs require employees to work away from home for months or scour years at a time. Conversely, an active social life rarely imposes on happiness gained from work. positively or negatively, work has the greater influence on happiness. Passion-filled people draw happiness from their work. People whose jobs livestock diverse life experiences receive happiness indirectly from their work. Those whose work encroaches on their personal lives also have their happiness impacted, albeit negatively. Work clearly has a more powerful connection to personal happiness than a social life does.

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Dissemination of Data Essay Example for Free

Dissemination of info EssayFreemantle and Watt (1994) designate dissemination is the mechanisms and strategies by which special groups become aw be of, obtain, and pull out use of information. This definition introduces the nonion of targeting specific groups with information that may be relevant, but also highlights the necessity of much(prenominal)(prenominal) groups beingness able to make use of the information once received. A goal of the questioner according to Pellecchia (1999) should be to disseminate the findings, thereby adding new knowledge to the field. Researchers deport an array of presentational styles and formats to choose from that best fit their search purposes (Sandelowski, 1998) but the key pip is to choose the most impound method for displaying limited research findings (Saldana, 2003). In paid attention for the above research, the most popular way to r each(prenominal) desired target audiences is to appoint a paper or show a poster in lobby in fluential individuals by dint of conferences, seminars or meetings, write press inventionicles for publications that are read by policy-makers, send a targeted mailings containing relevant findings and recommendations in the form of a newsletter, letter or leaflet and by using visual and multimedia formats such as DVDs can enhance the impact of research findings however, the costs associated with multimedia occupation can be higher than other methods of dissemination.Freemantle N, Watt I (1994) Dissemination implementing the findings of research Health Libraries polish up 11 2, 133-137. Pellecchia LG (1999) Dissemination of research findings Conference presentations and journal publications. Topics in Geriatric Rehabilitation 14 3, 67-79. Sandelowski, Margarete (1998). physical composition a good read Strategies for re-presenting soft selective information. Research in care for and Health, 21(4), 375-382 Saldana, Johnny (2003). Dramatizing data A primer. qualitative Inquiry, 9(2), 218-236.Research Design -1500Methodology refers to the philosophical framework, the fundamental assumptions and characteristics of a sympathetic science eyeshot van Manen (1997). It is the theory behind the method, including the memorize of the method one should follow and why. To answer the research question, this orbit was guided by the philosophy of hermeneutic phenomenology that sought to address the fancys of women regarding reconstructive surgery. According to Rossman and Rallis (1998), phenomenology pursues to organize an thought of lived experience. The first-hand report or description of ones experience of the phenomenon is central to the understanding of the phenomenon. The charge of a phenomenological training according to Patton (1990) lies in the descriptions of what people experience and how it is that they experience.The goal of phenomenological research is to describe and identify just the essence of a persons lived experience in relation to what is b eing studied and not to develop a model or describe a grand theory (Oiler, 1982). Phenomenology, as a research method, is a rigorous, systematic investigation of phenomena which approach is descriptive, retrospective, in-depth abbreviation of a conscious lived experience, which is everyday experiences that are real and true to the individual. Every time a thespians view is expressed, the tec may see the interpretation as an answer to the question that is being asked (van Manen, 1997). Thus, the conversation has a hermeneutic orientation to sense-making and interpreting of the optic that drives the conversation(van Manen, 1997, p.98).The adoption of hermeneutic phenomenology was based on several factors. Since the objective of the study was to determine how satisfied women are with the reconstructed chest of d keeners after surgery. Hermeneutic principles facilitated the interpretation and meaning of these womens experiences and took into account the influences of social factors. It acknowledges that understanding is influenced by both internal and external factors, and is guided by run-in which leads to the creation of new meanings or understanding through dialogue (Vis, 2005).Hermeneutic phenomenology involves the put to work of interpretation and the interaction between the police detective and the participants, requiring the investigator to be reflective, insightful, crude to language and open to new experiences (van Manen, 1997). It afforded the opportunity to search and gain better appreciation of the researchers cultural heritage, which enriched the depth of interpretation and understanding of the phenomenon. exemplarThe study was fetched at the Spire Cardiff Hospital, which caters specialist cancer care within Wales. Nurses and psychosocial professionals identified the potential participants who met the eligibility criteria and provided the researcher with their telephone numbers. The researcher approached identified participants during cli nic visits or contacted them by telephone to introduce herself and provide a fine explanation of the study. Ten participants will be recruited since there is a limited number of women that have undergone breast reconstruction within the specified year.A number of eight to ten sample size was appropriate for a phenomenological study (Morse, 2000 Starks Trinidad Br take in, 2007) and achieved the goal of obtaining a varied, rich and thickheaded understanding, or essence, of their lived experience (Cres substantially, 1998). The specific criteria for selecting the participants take women who received any type of breast reconstructive surgery due to breast cancer, who are senior than 18 years of age, can speak and write slope, and had no history of major mental illness, and those who have received breast reconstructive surgery from last year (2011) up to this year (2012). Purposive have will be used in this study. Verbal apply was obtained from those willing to participate in th e study.Thereafter, an interview was scheduled at a mutually suitable time at the hospital or the participants berth at which time create verbally consent was obtained following review of the consent form. The consent form was written in English and describes the study and its objectives, outlines the potential risks and benefits to participants, as advantageously as the safeguards to mention confidentiality of data. The consent form also advises participants they may withdraw from the study at any time without pliant their clinical care.Data CollectionData collection consisted of patient demographic profiles and audio-taped face-to-face interviews which were subsequently transcribed. A semi-structured interview guide was constructed to facilitate data collection the questions were partially derived from existing psychosocial literature on the apprehension of self-identity (Mathieson Stam, 1995) and modified for the purpose of this study. These questions were constructed to seek meaning and significance of a phenomenon (van Manen, 1997). The interviews were digitally audio-taped and transcribed. Each interview lasted close 1 1 hour.In hermeneutic phenomenology, an interview serves as a vehicle to explore, gather and develop a conversation with the participants to gain an understanding of the meaning of the lived survivorship experience (van Manen, 1997). According to van Manen (1997), the art of the researcher in a hermeneutic interview is to keep open the question of the meaning of the phenomenon and as well(p) to keep the researcher and the participant oriented to the idea of being questioned. As Gadamer (1975) states, The art of questioning is that of being able to go on asking questions, i.e. the art of thinking (as cited in van Manen, p.330). In retentiveness with the hermeneutic research, the interview began with a broad question which asked each participant to describe what it was like rough the time of breast cancer diagnosis. Thereafter , the researcher sat back and listened, allowing the participants to tell their story and the process to evolve. emerging(a) the hermeneutic circle of questioning, the researcher went back and forth, deconstructing and reconstructing meanings, while paying particular attention to not lone(prenominal) what was said, but also and more importantly, to what was not said to uncover the true essence of the experience (McConnell-Henry et al., 2009a). Additionally, the researcher introduced ideas and concepts expressed from one interview to the next to validate common or varied themes. Attention was tell to whole or overall meanings, and at the same time, the whole or overall meanings were examined by its split (van Manen, 1997).Field notes and memos were recorded immediately following each interview, with notations on the location of the interview, the participants home environment, as well as participants body language, facial expressions and activated responses, such as tone of voi ce and affective changes observed during the interview. The researchers impressions and sprightlinesss during the interview and preliminary thoughts on emergent themes and theoretical assumptions were recorded in a reflexive journal.Nvivo 2.0 qualitative software was used for coding of the data. descriptive statistics (mean, median, SD) were calculated for all demographic variables.Data analysis was conducted based an inductive iterative approach.In qualitative research, a transcript is necessary to achieve the research goal of capturing participants reconstruction of their lived experience in their own quarrel (Sandelowski, 1994) and to complement the level of analysis involved (Drisko, 1997). Sandelowski (1994) believes that a transcript becomes the researchers raw data by preserving the interview event and which could be utilized for member checking and expert peer review.If the focus of an analysis is to provide an in-depth description of the knowledge, attitudes, values, bel iefs or experiences of an individual, or a group of individuals, then a lengthier and more extensive text is required for the transcript. The interest of researchers goes beyond identifying patterns and salient themes they also seek to demonstrate variations in the way a phenomenon is framed, articulated and experienced, as well as the relationships within and between particular elements of such a phenomenon (MacLean, Meyer, Estable, 2004).As the aim of this hermeneutic phenomenological research was to gain a deeper understanding of womens feeling after breast reconstruction, every effort was made to capture not only spoken words but also the emotional content of the interviews. Transcripts were transcribed exact and include mispronunciations, grammatical errors, vernacular expressions, intonations, slang, and emotional sounds these were denoted in the transcripts as crying softly, laughing softly or sounds like nervous laughter (MacLean et al., 2004). Attention to the expression of idioms is particularly important in phenomenology as they are born out of lived experience (van Manen, 1997).To improve understanding of the content and affect of the interviews, transcripts included contextual information such as silences or pauses in conversation and background noises, as well as inaudible segments, which were documented in the transcripts as cannot hear or inaudible (MacLean et al., 2004 McLellan, MacQueen, Neidig, 2003). Interviews conducted in English were transcribed verbatim by an English-speaking transcriber, The researcher clarified and verified the English transcripts against each interview and made changes as required. For accuracy and quality control purposes, spot-checks were conducted on all transcripts and translated transcripts (McLellan et al., 2003).Preparation for data analysis begins by point oneself to the phenomenon (van Manen, 1997). To accomplish this, the researcher emerged herself in the data by listening to each tape purposefully and reflectively, paying attention to each participants human existence. While listening, the researcher mentally re-lived the interview process Multi-layered readings allowed a wholistic feeling of the big picture and ensured no aspects of the phenomenon were omitted.The researcher individually coded all the transcripts. During the readings, significant phrases, sentences and statements were highlighted and coded, with particular attention paid to recurrent images, repeated words, metaphors or analogies, and contradictions and transitions in the narratives (Ryan Bernard, 2003) emerging themes were categorized according to the quaternity structures of the lifeworld. Interpretation and meanings were proposed for each statement employing words as close as practicable to those voiced by the participants.Common themes were combined into the four existential structures that describe the phenomenon , thereby generating a clear structured cognitive framework of the emergent themes a distin ction was made between incidental themes versus essential themes(van Manen, 1997). Constant compare of the text was undertaken to identify negative cases and compare thematic patterns and commonalities that characterized the phenomenon being studied, and to explain individual variations within each interview as well as all interviews as a whole (Thorne, Kirkham, OFlynne-Magee, 2004). Phenomenological investigation entails the art of sensitivity to the subtle undertones of language this requires the researcher to be a true listener to attune to the deep tonalities of language that normally fall out of the range of accustomed hearing (van Manen, 1997).Data Analysis5.3.1 thematic AnalysisThis study employed thematic analysis to describe and interpret the internal meaning structures of lived experience or lifeworld. In qualitative research, thematic analysis is the most common approach for data interrogative mood (Creswell, 1998). According to Luborsky (1993), the significant benefit of utilizing thematic analysis is its direct representation of an individuals point of view and descriptions of experiences, beliefs and perceptions.In phenomenology, themes, or existential themes, are viewed as the structures of experience and often described and taken within the structures of the four existentials of lifeworld lived space (spatiality), lived time (temporality), lived body (corporeality), and lived relation (relationality) as the means to ground human experience (van Manen, 1997). In other words, recognizing how and where the data was to be categorized thematically not only helped to integrate the themes into a structured meaning, but also provided a clear structured cognitive framework for the researcher and the reader to understand the textual data (Vis, 2005).Unlike quantitative research which seeks causal determination, prediction and statistical generalization of findings, the aim of a naturalist, constructive and interpretative inquiry is to solicit rich i llumination, understanding and extrapolation from the data generated (Hoepfl, 1997 Polkinghorne, 1989). The issues of validity and reliability are just as important in qualitative studies as in quantitative research to establish truth-value in qualitative investigations, however, validity and reliability are achieved through the concepts of credibility, transferability, reliableness and confirmability (Guba Lincoln, 1985).For hermeneutical research, the multiple stages of interpretation that allow patterns to emerge, the discussion of how interpretations arise from the data, and the interpretive process itself are critical ship canal to ensure rigor (Koch, 1995).Rigor was further enhanced by having two English transcripts randomly selected and reviewed by the dissertation supervisor (CW) and a committee member (DH). They each read the transcripts to verify coding accuracy, reviewed the extracted statements as well as the formulated meanings and themes, and provided additional inter pretation of the coded data as necessary.In this study, trustworthiness was addressed through reflexivity, draw out engagement, interdisciplinary triangulation, negative case analysis, peer debriefing/support and audit trail (Padgett, 1998). previous to detailed discussion of the techniques employed to establish trustworthiness, I pause to acknowledge the current debate and stress regarding the appropriateness of applying quantitative terminology to establish rigor in qualitative research (Golafshani, 2003) . While prolonged engagement, triangulation and negative case analysis are acceptable techniques to establish rigor in qualitative research (Guba Lincoln, 1985), there is, however, an acknowledged need for qualitative researchers to define the meanings of these techniques within the paradigm (Babour, 1998). Therefore, interpretation of the techniques applied in this hermeneutic phenomenological research is explained.Ethical ConsiderationsEthics approval was sought and obtained from the Research Ethics Board to conduct the thesis research at Spire Cardiff Hospital. Administrative ethics approval was also sought and obtained from the blank space of Research Ethics in Wales for thesis research.Participants who met the inclusion criteria were contacted by the researcher to introduce the study, provide written details of the investigation and obtain their consent to participate in the study. The consent form in English described the study and its objectives, the potential risks and benefits to participants, and the safeguards to maintain confidentiality of data. The consent form also advised participants that they could withdraw from the study at any time without compromising their clinical care.The risk to the participants in this study was limited to possible psychological or emotional discomfort when sharing their experiences in such cases, the interview would be suspend and participants offered the option of continuing or terminating the interview, as we ll as a referral to the Spire Cardiff Hospital Psychosocial Oncology and lenitive Care Program for professional support. Benefits of the study are its contribution to both the development of culturally sensitive psychosocial/supportive care interventions and the knowledge-building process regarding the womensexperiences after breast reconstruction.To protect the confidentiality of participants, an identifying number was assigned to digitally recorded interviews. All patient identifying information was deleted before they were forwarded to a secured e-mail account for transcription. To ensure security, digital audio recordings were stored in the researchers locked office and transcribed data password protected. Participants were assured that their decisiveness to participate, or not would in no way affect their follow up or future treatment and care at the hospital. Participants were referred to another breast site social worker for psychosocial care as appropriate.van Manen, M. (19 97). Researching lived experience Human science for an action sensitive pedagogy (2nd ed.). London, Ontario The Althousen Press.Oiler, C. (1982). Phenomenological approach in breast feeding research. Nursing Research, 5, 49-63.Vis, J.-A. L. (2005). Exploring the lived experience following trauma A hermeneutic phenomenology study. Unpublished Dissertation, University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.Morse, J. (2000). Determining sample size. soft Health Research, 10(1), 3-5.Starks, H., Trinidad Brown, S. (2007). Choose your method A comparison of phenomenology, discourse analysis, and grounded theory. Qualitative Health Research, 17(10), 1327-1380.Creswell, J. W. (1998). Qualitative inquiry and research design. special K Oaks, CA Sage Publications.Mathieson, C., Stam, H. J. (1995). Renegotiating identity Cancer narratives. Sociology of Health Illness, 17(3), 283-306.McConnell-Henry, T., Chapman, Y., Francis, K. (2009a). Husserl and Heidegger Exploring the disparity. Interna tional Journal of Nursing Practice, 15, 7-15.Sandelowski, M. (1994). Notes on Transcription. Research in Nursing Health, 17, 311-314.MacLean, L., Meyer, M., Estable, A. (2004). Improving Accuracy of Transcriptsin Qualitative Research. Qualitative Health Research, 14(1), 113-123.Drisko, J. W. (1997). change qualitative studies and reports Standards to promote academic integrity. Journal of Social Work Education, 33(1), 185-197.McLellan, E., MacQueen, K., Neidig, J. L. (2003). Beyond the Qualitative Interview Data Preparation and Transcription. Field Methods, 15(1), 63-84.Ryan, G. W., Bernard, H. R. (2003). Techniques to identify themes. Field Methods, 15(1), 85-109.Thorne, S., Kirkham, S. R., OFlynne-Magee, K. (2004). The analytic challenge in interpretive description. Retrieved November 12, 2008, from Http//www.ualberta.ca/iiqm/backissues/3_1/pdf/thorneetal/pdfLuborsky, M. R. (1993). The identification and analysis of themes and patterns. In J. Gubrium A. Sankar (Eds.), Quali tative Methods in Aging Research (pp. 189-210). Thousand Oaks, CA Sage.Hoepfl, M. (1997). Choosing qualitative research A primer fpr technology edcuation researchers. Retrieved April 2, 2008, from http//scholar.lib.vt.edu/ejournals/JTE/jte-v9n1/JTEv9n1.pdfpage=49Polkinghorne, D. E. (1989). Phenomenological research methods. In R. S. Valle S. Halling (Eds.), Existential Phenomenological perspectives in psychology(pp. 41-60). NY stark naked York Plenum Press.Guba, E., Lincoln, Y. S. (1985). Naturalisitc Inquiry. Newbury Park, CA Sage Publications, Inc. Koch, T. (1995). Interpretative approaches in nursing research The influence of Husserl and Heidegger. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 21, 827-836.Golafshani, N. (2003). ground reliability and validity in qualitative research. The Qualitative Report, 8(4), 597-607.Padgett, D. (1998). Qualitative methods in social work research. Thousand Oaks, CA Sage Publications, Inc.Babour, R. S. (1998). Mixing qualitative methods Quality assurance o r qualitative quagmire? Qualitative Health Research, 8(3), 352-361.Levine, E. G., Eckhardt, J., Targ, E. (2005). Change in post-traumatic stress symptoms following psychosocial treatment for breast cancer. Psycho-Oncology, 14, 618-635.Smith, M. Y., Redd, W. H., Peyser, C., Vogl, D. (1999). Post-traumatic stress disorder in cancer A review. Psycho-Oncology, 8, 521-537.Kornblith, A. B., Herndon, J. E., Weiss, R. B., Zhang, C., Zuckerman, E. L., Rosenberg, S., et al. (2003). Long-term adjustment of survivors of early-stage breast carcinoma, 20 years after adjuvant chemotherapy. Cancer, 98(4), 679-689.

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Comparison Between Two Paintings Essay Example for Free

Comparison Between Two Paintings EssayDuring the 14th century, when the beginning of the conversion took place, Florence was virtuoso of the main political, economic, and cunningistic cities in europium. The Black Death, the plague that reduced the population of Florence, and the difficulties Florence encountered by this time pardon the heavy influence of gothic style in architecture and the elegance found in each graphics bring to passd in this age. Florence was whizz of the top European cities when it came to painting, becaexercising it had the greatest school of painting where many a(prenominal) historic artists assisted. Florence, throughout the years, has al behaviors been an historic influence in history and art.Even though many artists yield a vast aspiration for art, each artist possesses his own criteria and methods that they acquired during the time in which they lived. Artists in Italy from the 1400s throughout 1900s sh ard many common techniques and skil ls that were characterized by their era. This period brings a newly perspective of life to the European countries in the early fourteenth-century. By this time, hoi polloi in Italy thought that a new and contemporary era had begun with a new style in painting and architecture and a new evolution in music, science, philosophy, and literature as well.Lorenzo di Credi, is an Italian painter who belonged to the Renaissance period of the 1400s. Lorenzo di Credi, who lived in Florence, was education about this new era that had a huge fix in e real wizs life. This new era had an advanced knowledge in society and a rise of civic culture. A new sense of realism in art, new discoveries in the material world, and new more than joyous vision of the world around them were winning place during the era. The Renaissance influenced the social, economic, spiritual, scientific, and religious aspect of Italy.Lorenzo, who started to have a special interest in art when he was in Florence by the 1 450s, was already starting to produce his own paintings. When Lorenzo started his vocation as an artist, he al ways had a special interest in portraits. He is known primarily for his devotional paintings, although he was to a fault much in demand as a portrait painter and was a subtle draughtsman. Lorenzo also started painting in embrocate, which was a new technique that arose in the Renaissance period. This new technique was usually multicolor in wood or ejectvas. vegetable oil has a deep, intense t mavin and has hard, enamel-like surfaces. With oil, painters could also demonstrate the glowing and the light and, if needed, they could arrange any possible mistake or part they cute to change because oil dries very slowly. This technique is not easy to adapt and ad still, but this did not arrest Lorenzo from painting with it. It is not known how oil painting was first developed, but in Western Europe there are indications of its use from at least the 12th century AD, and it was widely used from the Renaissance.Oil was also very popular because with it, artists could produce the finest clarity of colour. Artists manipulate the oil using stiff brushes do out of hog hair. Lorenzo was recognized for possessing patience when working in his paintings, he did not totally use oil, he also adapted other methods of painting that required a lot of skill. A unblemished example of a famous art of Lorenzo di Credi is Portrait of a Young Women. In the Renaissance, women were not favorable to live in Florence if they wanted to be involved in society. cleaning lady by this era were just a subject of men.The Portrait of a Young Women exhibits a widow woman. When looking at the painting, angiotensin-converting enzyme eject beget a variety of characteristics that lead the beautys to think her husband has died. In the Renaissance era women in Italy vestmentsed very elegantly, wearing long gowns with baggy and loose fitting dresses. Woman used to wear very complex fram eworks that covered their entire body. Wool was usually the dominant fabric woman in Italy used to wear in different types of quality and colours. This young woman in the painting is wearing a long, simple black dress with long sleeves and a black becloud on the head.The dress may not masterm extravagant because she is dressed as a widow. The dress does not contain any important detail, but stills looks elegant. Besides her clothing, her appearance does not demonstrate a positive one. The look on her face and the body language the painting resembles has a negative connotation. It is verbalise that this woman was Lorenzo di Credis sister-in-law. She is also holding a ring in her left hand, which one throne assume is her wedding ring. The way she holds and places her hands leads the viewer to think she is thinking about him, she is recalling him.The look on her face, her eyes, nose, and mouth are all-static, they dont have any positive expression. When looking at the eyes, one s tinkpotnot tell where she is looking at. One may think Lorenzo was imitating Leonardo Da Vincis painting Mona Lisa. It is say that Lorenzo admired and followed Leonardos paintings. When looking at Lorenzos paining, one asshole relate with her because of the cruelness body. Her hands and her face are painted with in an accurate manner. Lorenzos skills are perfectly interpret in this painting, one understructure draw the shadows all over he painting and the different tones of alter he uses in his work.The young womans body is so realistic that one wad even see the perfect nails and the wrinkles in her hands. Behind the widow woman is a beautiful tend and an enjoyable view. The background contains many details in the tress, especially in the leaves. The background incorporates the mountains and the sky with a variety of tones of blues and greens. The tree behind the woman is painted in a circular way looking like a halo, which can resemble an image of the Virgin Mary.Her face looks calm and docile, which can also be associated with the Virgin Mary. After analyzing Portrait of a Young Woman from the 15th century, one is going to encounter a whole new perspective of life with new techniques and characteristics in a painter from the 20th century even though both artists are Italian. This Italian artist, Umberto Boccioni, was not only a painter he was also involved with sculptures, theories, and literature. Even though his career came to an end very fast when he died at a young age, he still influenced many artist around the world and had a very productive career.Boccioni was from the Italian city of Verona, but he spent the absolute majority of his childhood in Forli, Genoa, and Padua. It is not until he moves to Rome that he found his passion for art. Boccioni, inspired by Balla, relates himself a lot with landscapes and nature. In his first years of activity, closely following his masters teaching, Boccioni produced oil paintings, sketches, pastels, stu dies in tempera, and advertising posters. After several years he went to Paris where he got inspired by the modernity and the French metropolis, which impacted his life and his work in many ways.Boccioni was leaving in a new era were the Futurism, art movement, was taking place. The Futurism movement had a great influence in his artwork it later became a distinguished characteristic in all of his paintings and his career as an artist. He established this movement, so by demonstrating his painting with this new movement, he also inspired other artists to follow the Futurism. Self-Portrait was painted in Rome in the 1905 when Boccioni was twenty-three years old. In Boccionis famous painting, one can see Umberto Boccioni well dressed in black also with a black, flat hat on his head.The painting does not show the bodys parts with clarity and the painting only covers less(prenominal) than half of his body. The way Boccioni paints himself is in a more modern manner using vivid colors in the background and in his face. This portrait is also painted with oil, but this time on a canvas instead of wool. Oil on canvas was the other method artist used in the 1400s, but still was popular in the 20th century. One can see that oil became an important gadget for artists in their paintings and is still currently in use by many artists at the present time.Boccionis painting, Self-Portrait, reflects a change in style from light tonalities in colors to stronger contrasts of light and dark. With the way Boccioni applies the oil in this painting, one can see that the body itself is not well defined because of the protracted brushstrokes. His face has a deep, serious look with his eyebrows twisted even though his black, little eyes are almost close. At the background, one can see a wall with different tone of yellow, treat blue, and the leaves of a tree.One can see that Boccioni avoided the straight line and has used complementary colors to create a vibrant effect and express a positive connotation in his portrait. Now, one can see that even though both artists are Italian, they still have very different styles they both have different perspectives of life because of different periods the lived in. Although they both have very different techniques, one can still find some characteristics that relate them and connect their paintings. Di Credi shows a more complex, divine, almost perfect homophile being while Boccioni portraits himself in a more modern manner.Both paintings are portraits yet, one can find a lot of distinction between the two of them. While the young woman shows a negative connotation, Boccionis self portrait shows a lively man with vivid colors that gets the viewers attention immediately. Both artists found a way of establishing a human body in different styles using different methods with the brushes. Another difference in the way these two artists painted is that with di Credis painting one can see when he exactly ends in the edges.One ca n see that the young woman seems real, while Boccionis portrait has more shadows. In Boccionis painting is more noticeable the use of brushes than in di Credis young woman. Usually, each artist demonstrates his feelings in their paintings or shows a current event happening in the artists era. Or they just produce something that has impact their life or them in any certain way. Zeitgeist , spirit of the times can be connect with theses two artists and their paintings because both are presenting their passion for art in the epoch in which they are living. entirely artworks are a reflection of the time. By analyzing and comparing these two paintings, one can find many interesting aspects of art. Art is more than a painting art is a history behind an artwork that each artist is trying to evoke in every viewer. Art is using ones creativeness to transmit ones thoughts. One can appreciate more the Art when learning the spirit of the time one can comprehend the artists emotions by analyzin g every undivided detail in the artwork and the historical background of it.It is beyond belief how many details one can find when observing in detail each painting one can find intriguing how every artist was impacted and influenced by the political, economical and historical aspect of their own country. The techniques, skills, and styles di Credi and Boccioni feature are still influencing other artist nowadays. Their artworks will always be recognizable and distinguishable to people because art will never be forgotten. As centuries go by, one will still see these two artists dominating, impacting, and influencing new artists and viewers.

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Indian Wedding Clothes Essay Example for Free

Indian wed rack upty Clothes EssayIn India, the wedding rituals and clothes make the wedding as much as that of the bride and her groom. Both look their splendid best in gorgeous clothes. Not just the couple, but the guests be the family and the relatives ar often seen spiffed up up to the teeth. The bride is dressed up in auspicious pretexts, whereas the bridegroom is dressed to exude a regale aura. The bridesmaids and best men are often dressed in par with the bride and the groom. But they are toned down a bit because the day belongs to the couple. either the folks attention the conjugation are decked up with gold jewelry including the bride and sometimes the groom. The ladies are additionally adorned with tinct patterns all over their palms, hands, forearms, legs and feet. Sometimes henna patterns are replaced with alta designs which are short lived and easily removable.Indian wedding generally tend to continue for several days and new attire is faint each day. All these dresses and the color symbolize the meaning of sum and the period that follows it. Indian wedding is one that gives more brilliance to details like several(predicate) rituals and the various attires one wears to attend them. Hindu weddingIndian Hindu weddings continue for several days. India is a country that defines diversity and this is visible even in the wedding and its different styles. The ceremonies, the rituals, the formalities are all different between each region and culture. Unlike the Christians, Hindus wedding sacrament does not resemble the westerly marriages and are quite elaborate. In the North,Starting from the Tilak ceremony, each function has significance in the marriage. Tilak, Sangeet, Haldi, Baraat and the Shaadi, all necessitate the Bride and the bridegroom to wear new attire at each occasion.All these above ceremonies are known by different names in the opposite parts,e.g.Simant puja in the west,or Mangalasnanam in the s stunnedh and so on.But ha ve got he same significance all over. Bridegrooms clothesMany communities of South,West and atomic number 99ern India still bind to the traditional costumes,i.e. Dhoti,or sometimes Lungi,and Mundu by some communities of the South.Kurta or a shirt may be worn or sometimes just a Angavastram may be used to cover the chest. On the other hand in the Northern parts, bridegroom usually wears a Sherwani, Jodhpuri suit or a western suit. The grooms face is covered with a veiled with a curtain of flowers which is called Sehra in the North,which is not the custom elsewhere. It is also customary to wear a Taqiyah all through the ceremony in Muslim marriages.Many prefer to wear a Kurta.Kurta can be worn with Salwar,or Dhoti.A dazzling serial publication of ensemble for bridegrooms include majestic sherwani, blended Indo-western suit and ethnic Jodhpuri suit. The exquisite shirts, coats and jackets are designed with senseless care and touch to bring out the magnanimity out of the bridegroom o n the marriage day. scarce embellishments are studded into the collars and the cuffs of the bridegrooms dress. Available both in simple cottons and splendid, royal crude(a) silk, these Kurta Pyjamas are a preferred mostly by the bridegrooms. Brides clothesChristian Bride in wedding sariThe bride wears a saree or a lehenga according to the region. Red is considered to be the most auspicious color in among Hindus. While the saree is preferred as the bridal dress in South India, West, East India, most brides of other parts of India prefer Lehenga, Gagra Choli and Odni as bridal dress.Christian weddingChristian marriage in India is mostly an adaption of western wedding ceremonies. Here the bridegroom wears a western suit or tuxedo. The Bride usually opts for a silk saree or a western gown.Bridesmaid and familyWhile during a marriage function, the bride and the bridegroom take the centre stage, the bridesmaid takes over everyone off-stage. Dainty Lehenga Cholis in bright colors, long cholis for the conservative, trustworthy designer lehengas and readymade lehenga cholis are usually selected by the bridesmaid as wedding ensemble. Sometimes the bridesmaids wear sari rich in silk and embroidery. Delicately put together with alluring fabrics of bright and cheery colours, these Lehengas bring out the playful nature of the bridesmaid.

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Terms Ap Us History Essay Example for Free

Terms Ap Us History EssaySea Dogs-roving face ships that ravaged Spanish treasure ships (1560s) St. Augustinefort Spain created in Florida 1565 to protect the route of its treasure fleet against position ships, french settlers, hostile Indians (1st permanent Euro. settlement in US) Comprehensive Orders for peeled Disc everyplaceies-new policy Spanish leaders introduced after(prenominal) military setbacks to pacify Indians by Christianizing missionaries not conquistadores (1573) Ecomenderos-privelaged spanish destroyowners in NM, who were solelyowed by the Franciscans to utilize the goods and compel advertise of Indians and their disembark Pop-an Indian shaman, who kil lead and drove away Spaniards (destroying Spanish church buildinges etc) with his followers in 1680 Samuel de Champlain-founder of the fur-trading place Quebec (1608), prime(prenominal) permanent French colonization). resolution did badly until 1662 when it was turned to royal colonization Robert de La S all in alle-fur trader who in 1681 traveled down the Mississippi River to the Gulf of Mexico to found Louisiana (and ultimately New Orleans).Traveled so far from Great Lakes/New France region to get rive by taking advantage of of impertinent Indians who did not know value of their furs Henry Hudson-An position mariner sent by Dutch merchants in 1609 to find a navigable route to East Indies/riches. Explored rivers of the NE (esp. Hudson River) and found plentiful furs Fort Orange-Dutch merchants founded this fur-trading post (now Albany) in 1614 after following H. Hudsons exploration to trade for furs with the Iroquois West India Company-chartered by Dutch government in 1621 and set up New Netherland colony and New Amsterdam (Manhattan) as capital, brining in farmers/artisans to shuffle sustainable. afterward acted independently, ignoring New Netherland to profit in other colonies Governor Peter Stuyvesant-governor of New Amsterdam who ruled in authoritarian way by alienati ng colonys diverse residents and ignoring representation demands.Anglo-Dutch War-series of wars fought between the Dutch and the English in the 1600s and 1700s over control of the seas and trade routes. Early wars confirmed the Dutch Republics position as the leading nautical country and its domination of world trade until the early 1700s. Virginia Company-London company of investors granted all land by major power James I of England from NC to NY (1606). Directors named land Virginia and in 1607 group of male traders (no farming experience) settled range of Jamestown with intention of obtaining gold (there was no gold). More than half of first settlers died from voyage, disease, famine. Later encouraged migration by granting bare(a) settlers land. Powhatan-chief of local tribes who treated the English traders as potential (trade) allies, and essentially saved them from total famine when he gave them corn (in exchange got metal tools/guns). Saved life of Captain rear Smith from his brother Opechancanough. John Rolfe-an English colonist that married Powhatans daughter Pocahontas under his arrangement (diplomatic effort by Powhatan).Rolfe imported baccy seed from West Indies, producing a profitable and in-demand crop in Europespurred migration of thousands of English settlers establishing plantations, and consequently encroaching(a) Indian land. House of Burgesses-system of representative government in VA issued as a charter from the Virginia Company (1619). Could make laws and levy taxes, but governor/company council in England could veto its acts. Opechancanough-Powhatans brother and successor who attacked the early English invaders (captured Capt. John Smith). Stayed distant from English and refused all treaties while Powhatan chief. Became chief 1621, wanted to wipe out all of Englishmen (land-hungry and conversion minded). Started Indian War of 1622 when killed 1/3 of white English in surprise attack, who accordingly brutally punished Indians and dec lared perpetual war that lasted 10 years.Privy Council-a committee of political advisers to King James I, who made it a requirement that all legislation liveed by the new VA governor and his advisory council of the House of Burgesses (formed in 1624 when King James I revoked VA Companys charter and made VA a royal colony b/c of Indian uprising) had to be ratified by them. Toleration Act of 1649-Lord Baltimore persuaded the assembly (of MD) to pass this actwhich protected his fellow Catholics (who had become a minority to the surging Protestants in Marlyand) and granted all Christians the right to follow their beliefs and hold church services. Maryland was no a colony of Christian religious impeccantdom. Freeholds-Small family-farmed (tobacco) plantations that were the main source of tobacco in the Chesapeake region in the early part of the tobacco lucubrate (1620s). Indentured Servant-poor whites in England who were impoverished and abused in Englands city poorhouses who there w ere displaced to the cities after the government wrap their lands in the countryside.They wanted to settle in the colonies to obtain land and economic opportunity (social mobility), so to contribute for their passage over they signed indentures from merchants (who would sell them to planters) that said they would work as a servant on a plantation for 4-5 years and then were free. Many died en route or were abused to goal on plantations, and hardly 25% actually acquired land and success afterwards. Black Codes-laws enforced by Chesapeake planters to landmark the freedom and severely restrict rights of African workers in the colonies ( manage owning guns, traveling). These codes made slavery legal, and encouraged racist ideas to score poor whites from blacks, elevating them and make slaves inferior beings (all because slave importation skyrocketed when tobacco boom crashed).Navigation Acts-passed by English Parliament in early 1660s as the main device of mercantilist policy in E ngland (wanted to exclusively capitalize on their American colonies raw materials and market for manufactured goods), they prevented colonists from selling tobacco to all countries besides the English ( preoccupied money from Dutch), and all tobacco went to England where there were higher import duties. Consequently tobacco prices fell and planters were forced to use the cheaper labor of black slaves, and political problems resulted in the Chesapeake colonies. Governor William Berkeley-royal Governor of Virginia (Jamestown) who was instructed to run the colony only for the benefit of England (1642-1652).He was part of, and favored the planter-merchant elite. Corrupt to win support in House of Burgesses bribed officials with land grants and took vote away from landless freemen (50% of white pop.). Increased the already growing disparities in wealth and experimental condition among VA population. Nathaniel Bacon-a wealthy farmer (was on governors council), he was a leader of colonial frontiersmen in western mystic Virginia (west). Like other poorer farming frontiersmen, was angered over Gov. Berkeleys inability to protect western VA frontier land (like his own) from Indian attacks also umbrageous at the rights and corruption of VAs wealthy inner circle. Bacons Rebellion-1676, Nathaniel Bacon led other fellow poor frontiersmen on Indian raids because they were being attacked by Indians.The poor frontiersmen were all angry at the tobacco monopoly that the elite eastern planters had, that they lost their vote rights, and that they were overtaxed. Gained popularity with his Indian raids. Seen as a martyrize when he was arrested by Berkeley and was freed by yeomen. He and forces burned Jamestown, but when he died Berkeley violently crushed rebellion with British military aid. Made colonies turn away from indentured servant labor and toward slave labor. pronunciamento and Declaration of the PeopleWilliam Bradford-prude who led Puritans and migrants from England (102) to America in 1620 aboard the mayflower and settled in Plymouth, in SE MA. While en route, he said they lacked a royal charter from England, and issued the Mayflower Compact. Mayflower Compact-issued by William Bradford aboard Mayflower to migrants/Puritans which coalesced the migrants (just wanting to go to VA for economic opportunity) with the Puritans (wanting to be independent and free of Protestant VA) by declaring they would live in a civil body politick using the Puritans supreme congregation to shape their political structure. John Winthrop-Well-educated Puritan country squire who led the exodus of Puritans from England in 1630 (they were being persecuted against by Catholic King Charles I), to set up govern the Massachusetts Bay Colony (Boston). He declared to his spate we shall be as a City upon a Hill.He meant that matinee idol had elect them to be a shining example and hope for all (Christian) religions, like those in what he considered to be a morally corrupt England, wanted to inspire religious reform through with(predicate)out the Christian world. Massachusetts Bay-Colony established and governed by John Winthrop 1630, who led exodus of Puritans from a morally corrupt England where his mint were being persecuted, sought to create a New England that was a reformed Christian society. Colony was a representative political body with an assembly, and made Puritanism the sole state religion (no other religions allowed), only church members could vote/hold office. Used Bible as legal guide, and embraced simple Christian principleschurches were controlled by the people (congregationalist) with no hierarchy and were meetinghouses. These Puritans believed in predestination (John Calvin), a doctrine that divinity chose only a consider few individuals for salvation before they were born.Many sought a born again experience. Because they thought they were chosen as a city upon a hill, they felt the right to seize Indian lands. Roger Williams-Ro ger Williams was a Puritan minister who opposed congregationalism, praised the separation of church and state, advocated religious tolerance (the government didnt have authority over spiritual lives), and didnt believe in Puritans seizure of Indian land. These were all opposite views than the status quo of Mass. Bay. In 1636, he was banished so he led his followers to settle the town of Providence (Rhode Island) the land he bought from Indians. Got a charter from Parliament in 1644 to establish the colony of Rhode Island (complete religious freedom). Anne Hutchinson-A Mass. Bay wife who held weekly supplicant meetings for women, she preached controversial and differing views she believed salvation could not be achieved through good deeds, people only bestowed by God through the covenant of grace.She said that God spoke his divine truth directly to individuals, not through the church. As a woman with considerable influence, she was banished in 1637, for her heretical views and as a threat to the high quality of men in the Puritan church. Joined Roger Williams in RI. Thomas Hooker-Puritan pastor who brought some Puritans to the Connecticut River vale in 1636 and established the town of Hartford (left NE because of differing views and search for better farmland). Connecticut became royal colony in 1660 with charter from King Charles II. Had a legally established church but granted voting rights to all land-owning men. Cotton Mather-A popular Puritan theologian who believed in supernatural forces, that unusual events were the power displayed by God or Satan. Lead to the Salem Witch Trials.Spectral Evidence-The evidence allowed by judges at the incriminate witches trials (in the Salem Witch Trials), which was visions of evil beings and marks seen only by the girls (who suffered supernatural seizures). Praying Towns-Indian villages that Puritan ministers like John Eliot turned into intensely Christian communities by 1670 in efforts to convert Indians. The 1000 In dian residents lost their independence and culture, and new native form of Christianity were made by traditional spiritual beliefs incorporated into churches.Metacom-Chief of the Wampanoags who with dickens other tribes staged a rebellion in 1675-1676, attacking white settlements all over New England in hopes to finally expel the Europeans. He knew coexistence was unlikely and was angry that NE colonists restricted their trade and accused them of many violations. Had they not run out of gunpowder, the rebellion might have been a success. The NE colonies losses were significant, as some places lost 5% of their population but Indians lost 25% of their population and the third tribes (Wampanoags, Narragansetts, and Nipmucks) displaced/retreated west to the backcountry.

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Book of Sand Essay Example for Free

Book of Sand Essay1.The appropriate had affected the teller to a great extent. At first he did not direction for the bind, until the queer selling Bibles said the number of pageboys in this sacred scripture is literally infinite. No page is the first page no page is the last. This intrigued the fibbers mind. After he had bought the book, he began investigating. He observe down things in the book. He began losing sleep from the investigation and when he actually got sleep, his dreams were approximately the book. As it states in the short story, At night, during the rare intervals spared me by insomnia, I dreamed of the book. He had grown an fixing with the book, which altered his lifestyle and forced him to befog the book in the library.2.The literary device that the author uses to contrast the book and himself to was a metaphor. When the narrator said, it was cold consolation to think that I, who looked upon it with my eye and fondled it with my ten flesh-and-bone f ingers, was no slight monstrous than the book, this proved that he was comparing himself to the monstrous book. The meaning and significance of this metaphor states that he was no different from the book. His mind was now as dense and endless. The book carried infinite secrets and toyed with its readers. As it declared in the short story, I felt it was a nightmare thing, an obscene thing, and that it defiled and corrupted reality. The narrator felt that the deadly secrets that emanated from the book were all getting to his head. His fear of infinite sinister ca utilize him to hide the demonic book and run away from the eternal thoughts.3.In the short story, The Book of Sand by Jorge Luis Borges, the narrator states that he had be make a prisoner of the book. This is evidently shown when he obsessively investigates the book. He scarce slept because all he could think about was the book, and he barely left his preindication. As its shown, I had but few friends left, and those I s topped seeing. A prisoner of the book, I hardly left my house. He became isolated and trapped in the secrets and mystery of the book.4.The salesmans previous model to the narrator about the book as he stated, Look at it well. You bequeath neer see it again, had come true in this short story. The book was infinite, ripe of endless amounts of illustrations and had no beginning or end. When the narrator said, They never repeated themselves, this proved that it was impossible for anyone to revisit the same page. Therefore the salesmans previous warning had come true.5.The author of the short story, Jorge Luis Borges, illustrates the idea of giving up the things we should have valued but instead take for granted for the sole purpose of pleasing ones obsession to obtain things that will end up destroying humanity regardless of the fulfillment of curiosity. In the beginning, the narrator didnt seem to care about The Book of Sand. It was not until the salesman had said that it had infi nite pages that caught the attention of the narrator. He now wanted the book and would pay a great amount for it.When the narrator offered a trade, I will offer you the full sum of my pension. . . and Wyclifs black-letter Bible, it proved that he would give up his valuables to get a adhere of that book, which little did he know would actually destroy him. He grew an obsession for the book. As it states in the story, At night, during the rare intervals spared me by insomnia, I dreamed of the book. This provides evidence of the fact that he had been so super fixated on the diabolical book that even when his body was asleep, his mind was still obsessing over it. When he realizes the drift he made, giving into his curiosity, he decides to get rid of the monstrous book. However at this point he had already lost his friends and the things he valued. The book had taken up a great extent of his time that could not be taken back, because unlike The Book of Sand, his life was not infinite .6.The literary device used is a metaphor. I think this because when the narrator says the best place to hide a leaf is in the forest, he is referring to a way to hide The Book of Sand. At first he considered destroying the evil thing. Although he thought that the burning of an infinite book might be similarly infinite, and suffocate the major planet in smoke. Therefore he thought to hide the book in plain sight. conceal a leaf in the forest is like hiding a book in a library. He hid the book on one of the librarys damp shelves in the basement and move not to notice where exactly he put it. He did this so he and anyone else wouldnt be able to find the monstrous book. He didnt want to be a prisoner of the book anymore. The book had ruined his life and took away time, the most precious thing we have in life. He didnt want to be trapped by the isolation of the book and so he hid it where it could never be found.

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Entrance essay Essay Example for Free

Entrance essay EssayI remember the day hygienic when I was first introduced to computers. I was a wide eyed eight year old who was on spring break, my mother didnt direct any atomic number 53 to watch me so off to work with her I went. As she led me thru the doors into the Tektronix CPID hardwargon engineering division I was mesmerized. I knew that day that I wanted to go to sleep e rattlingthing I could about how these machines worked and what I could make them do. I have always had a passion for driveing, hardly for most of my life that passion was fulfilled by educating myself. Either by reading fieroucously about a subject on my own or jumping in with two feet and learning something new. After pass nearly a decade working in and around technology, I realized something was missing. I had dish a ceiling, I knew there was to a greater extent to know, more that I could learn. I wanted to take my hobby, and do work it into a c atomic number 18er. A career that could blen d together my passion for technology, and my skills in customer service and communication.It was past that I decided to pursue a breaker point in Information Technology. When I decided it was magazine to go to school, I went looking for someplace local, that I could work at a steady whole step towards my closes and still work a full time job. This led me to Pi angiotensin converting enzymeer Pacific. I received an cusss degree in Information Technology, which I had already planned to occur thru to a lives degree, but between my underclassmen classes and moving on to the second half of my Bachelors degree I went forward with obtaining a second associates degree in Web Design. I am lucky I made that decision, it help oneselfed introduce me to other programmeing languages and helped guide me towards my favorite aspects of programming.A Buddhist proverb says When the student is ready, the master appears. I like to think that is what has happened for me in finding this program . I have searched for a Masters program that fits me since I finished my Bachelors Degree over three days ago. So many I found seemed to have such a narrow focus, be it strictly software development, byplay administration or Information Technology security. N whiz seemed to take a holistic approach to Information management until I discovered the AIM program. . I hope to continue on with my knowledge within the Applied Information Managementprogram. From the reading and research I have done on the program it appears to follow the same path as my past education of courses germane(predicate) to the path I have chosen for myself. I am excited to be a stir up of a program that is on the leading edge of the future, where education depart evolve into a wider offering, and more accessible and available then in the past.No matter what the career goal may be, an education is key to achieving it I have several academic and professional goals that will result in my succeeder in my care er and in life in general. Change is the only constant, be it in terrene life or in a profession. With the change and growth in business, it is only natural that one would have to constantly upgrade and enhance their knowledge and resources that he or she offers to the business or to the client. Therefore, upgrading ones knowledge and resources to grow as a professional is another important career goal that one should pursue. Another important career goal would be to be satisfied with whatever you are doing. Of course, that does not mean that you should stop experimenting or impede your enhancement process. You should make sure that you are on the whole satisfied with whatever job you are doing.Acontinued education piece of ass only reinforce the chances of success in getting hired and in meeting long-term goals. I hope this program will enable me to grow and adapt to the ever changing aspects of my professional field. Going thru a very accelerated pace program for my bachelor d egree prepared me for what was to come in the fast paced business populace. One thing I have come to realize is I work best without individual standing over my shoulder. In business as well as in learning, procrastination can be your greatest hobble. One skill that has served me well in the past and I believe will continue to do so thru this masters program, would be my reading comprehension. To truly succeed in anything, be it learning or just living, you must have a passion, a passion for what you are doing and Use that passion to become a ferocious researcher. Become the type of student that studies academics instead of one who simply attends classes. Take the initiative to study on a daily and regular basis without requiring mastery to do so. Make learning a priority. Have a habitual critical mind.Analyze, critically adjudicate and be able to understand what you are learning. Be humble and realize that you can always learn more regardless ofwhat you may already know and unde rstand. Listen to and learn from your instructor. Learn from your mistakes and the mistakes of others. Be employed while in class and work well with your classmates. The fact this program is designed for real world professionals, to learn an all-encompassing approach to information management. This isnt solely an IT program or a crinkle administration degree it envelops multiple disciplines to produce well rounded professionals. I believe these factors will help expand my knowledge and approach in the professional realm. . I currently hold a bleed Six yellow belt and am a current candidate for green belt certification. So I see a lot of this programs core component seem very similar to the slender Six approach that I have been trained on in the last few years and could help expand the knowledge and use of the Lean practices. I also look forward to more in-depth training and education in project management I have lead some initiatives in the past and have thought of becoming PMP (Project Management Professional) certified.