Monday, February 24, 2020

Economic downturn Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Economic downturn - Essay Example Another cause of this economic downturn is borrowing and lending of money. For example, the banks of developed countries are keen to lend to developing countries. This makes both the lender and the borrower unstable as the lender is not left with any money for his use and the borrower gets deeper into the loan. Due to this system, the financial intervention has changed into globalized finance. In addition to that, shortages of basic necessities especially food, have also caused many economies to ruin. Recently these crises are increasing at a staggering rate. These shortages cause developed countries to be crushed under the loans from developed ones. Fluctuations in the real estate markets also fuel the downturn of any economy. For example the collapse of Lehmann brothers caused a great downturn in the US economy. Housing, being one of the basic necessities of life, has a great impact on the lives of the people. Large financial institutions invest in housing as it is a productive sec tor. People also borrow money to buy houses and expect the prices to rise so that they can get profit. The variations in the exchange rates also trigger the economic recession. An appreciation in a countries exchange rate can cause problems for other countries as well.

Saturday, February 8, 2020

Not sure Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Not sure - Essay Example In this activity, students were required to write about themselves on the pieces of paper and throw them to one another. This helped the students understand one another’s background and lifestyle in general. I also introduced myself to others and asked them what I wanted to know about them. This activity filled confidence in me so that I could communicate better. I learnt almost all conversation with my team members after this class rather than learning the professional words from the lecture. I learnt how important it was to be good at communication and to be able to engage with teams to get a better understanding of a new field. Since I had not done any prior readings, I did not completely understand this unit’s structure despite the fact that my unit coordinator had clearly explained everything. Besides, I was busy in few advanced professional expressions. I was eager about making a time management plan so that I was clear about the assignment submission due dates, h omework requirements and the prior reading required. It would help improve my efficiency and time management skills. Week 2 In week 2, I liked the searching activity in which I had to use the library resources together with my team members. We discovered a lot of information about our studies by accessing the online data available at the ECU website. I found out that this online library tool enabled us to locate a variety of sources. We could easily locate references of a specific year by looking at the sources for its year range. Our team did a referencing exercise including both end-text and in-text referencing following the referencing guide of ECU. We also reviewed our first pieces of reflection and exchanged views upon that with one another. For example, my team members liked my management plan’s format whereas I liked the terminology abbreviation memorizing process proposed by my mate. This activity helped improve our formatting and research skills, and also improved my ability to cooperate with my team. There was also an activity that our team did which was least interesting. It comprised two scenarios with the same set of questions about the ACE theory of Kathleen Reardon. Understanding it with real examples would have been easier than the case study in the book. Since I had done the pre-reading of the chapter â€Å"Persuasion†, I knew its importance and features already, along with the strategies needed to make effective persuasions. This part went smoothly. However, I needed to develop competence in the theoretical part of the persuasion along with their relevant terms. The learning I have gained from the online library searching activity will help me in the studies in the future and will also improve my cooperation and communication skills. I have also learnt the strategies of persuasion that I will use in my professional career in the future. Most importantly, I have developed good interpersonal skills. Week 3 Week 3 was about managem ent of stress and time. In this week, we did an activity i.e. Exercise 4B that attracted me because it was very much real; we gave a life stress test that helped us identify our stress conditions by answering different questions about our life events. I calculated my scope by ticking off many boxes of life events that were related to me and that might cause stress. I thought I would score the highest since I thought of myself as a highly stressed person, but I was surprised to learn that I had scored the lowest. I learnt that everybody experiences stress, and that