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7 Back to School Tips for Teachers

7 Back to School Tips for Teachers Going back to school after the summer break can be exciting, nerve-racking, and hectic for teachers. The summertime is a time for refreshment and renewal. That is important as the beginning of the school year is the most critical time of the year and it can also be the most stressful. Even during the time off, most teachers are looking for ways to improve their class for the upcoming year. Going back to school gives teachers a chance to make small adjustments or significant changes depending on where they are at in their careers. Most veteran teachers have a pretty decent idea of what they need to do to get ready for the new school year. They typically plan to make a few minor tweaks to their overall approach. Younger teachers may totally revamp their approach to how they teach based on their small sample of experience. First-year teachers often come in excited and with no real idea of what it takes to teach. They have ideas that they think will work only to realize quickly that the application of those ideas is much more difficult than the theory of them. No matter where a teacher is in their career, here are some tips that will help them transition back to school quickly and effectively. Reflect on the Past Experience is the ultimate learning tool. First-year teachers will only have their limited experience as a student teacher on which they can rely. Unfortunately, this small sample does not provide them with much information. Veteran teachers will tell you that you learn more in the first few weeks as a teacher than you did during your entire time in a teacher education program. For teachers with at least one year of experience, reflecting on the past can be a valuable tool. Great teachers are constantly looking for new ideas and methods to apply to their classroom. You should never be afraid to try a new approach, but understand that sometimes it works, sometimes it needs tweaking, and sometimes it will need to be thrown out altogether. Teachers must rely on their experiences when it comes to all aspects of their classroom. A teacher must allow experiences, both good and bad, to guide their overall approach to teaching. It Is a New Year Never come into a school year or classroom with preconceived notions. Every student who walks into your classroom deserves the chance to come in with a clean slate. Teachers may pass along pertinent educational information such as standardized test scores to the next teacher, but they should never pass along information about how a particular student or class behaves. Every class and every student is unique, and a different teacher may get other behavior. A teacher who has preconceived notions can be detrimental to the overall development of a particular student or a group of students. Teachers should want to make judgments about a student or a group of students based on their own unique experiences with them and not those from another teacher. Sometimes a teacher can have a personality conflict with a particular student or class and you never want that to cloud how the next teacher handles their class. Set Goals Every teacher should have a set of expectations or goals that they want their students to reach. Teachers should also have a list of personal goals to improve in specific areas of weakness that they have. Having goals of any kind will give you something to work towards. It is also okay to set goals together with your students. Having a shared set of goals will push both teacher and students to work harder to obtain those goals. It is okay that goals be adjusted either way as the year moves along. Sometimes your goals may be too easy for a particular student or class and sometimes they may be too difficult. It is essential that you set high goals and expectations for all your students. Just remember that every student has their own unique needs. The goals you set for one student, may not be applicable for another. Be Prepared Being prepared is the most important aspect of teaching. Teaching is not an 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. job as many people outside the realm of teaching may  think. It takes a lot of extra time and preparation to do your job effectively. The first day of school for students should never be a teacher’s first day. It takes a lot of time to get ready for school to start. There is a lot of work that needs to be done with both your classroom and your instructional material. A smooth year begins with preparation. A teacher who waits until the last moment to get everything ready is setting themselves up for a rough year. Young teachers need more preparation time than veteran teachers, but even veteran teachers must spend quite a bit of time preparing for the upcoming school year if they plan to have a fantastic year. Set the Tone The first few days and weeks of school will often set the tone for the entire school year. Respect is often won or lost in those first few days and weeks. A teacher should seize that opportunity to establish a solid rapport with their students, but at the same time respectively show them who is in charge. A teacher who comes in with the mindset that they want every student to like them will lose respect quickly, and it will be a difficult year. It is virtually impossible to gain a classes respect as an authoritarian back once you have lost it. Use those first few days and weeks to drill components such as procedures, expectations, and goals. Start out hard as the classroom disciplinarian and then you can ease off as you move throughout the year. Education is a marathon and not a sprint. Do not think that you cannot spend the time to set the tone for the school year. Make these things a priority early and your students will learn more in the long run. Make Contact Getting parents to trust that you have their child’s best interest in mind is paramount. Make extra efforts to contact parents several times within the first few weeks of school. In addition to classroom notes or newsletters, try to contact each parent personally early on by setting up parent meetings, calling them on the phone, emailing them, conducting a home visit, or inviting them up for an open room night. Establishing trustworthy relationships with parents early on when things are going good will make it easier should you begin to have issues. Parents can be your biggest ally, and they can be your biggest enemy. Investing the time and effort early on to win them to your side will make you more effective. Plan Ahead All teachers should plan ahead. It is not easy, but planning does become easier as experience is gained. For example, a teacher can save lots of time by keeping lesson plans from the previous year so that they can use them for the upcoming year. Instead of redeveloping their lesson plans, they make adjustments to them as needed. Teachers can also make copies for several weeks or months of work before school begins. Planning events such as fundraisers and field trips before school starts will save time later. Planning ahead will be beneficial if an emergency occurs and you have to be gone for an extended period of time. Planning also tends to make the overall course of the school year go smoother.

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Economic downturn Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Economic downturn - Essay Example Another cause of this economic downturn is borrowing and lending of money. For example, the banks of developed countries are keen to lend to developing countries. This makes both the lender and the borrower unstable as the lender is not left with any money for his use and the borrower gets deeper into the loan. Due to this system, the financial intervention has changed into globalized finance. In addition to that, shortages of basic necessities especially food, have also caused many economies to ruin. Recently these crises are increasing at a staggering rate. These shortages cause developed countries to be crushed under the loans from developed ones. Fluctuations in the real estate markets also fuel the downturn of any economy. For example the collapse of Lehmann brothers caused a great downturn in the US economy. Housing, being one of the basic necessities of life, has a great impact on the lives of the people. Large financial institutions invest in housing as it is a productive sec tor. People also borrow money to buy houses and expect the prices to rise so that they can get profit. The variations in the exchange rates also trigger the economic recession. An appreciation in a countries exchange rate can cause problems for other countries as well.

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Not sure Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Not sure - Essay Example In this activity, students were required to write about themselves on the pieces of paper and throw them to one another. This helped the students understand one another’s background and lifestyle in general. I also introduced myself to others and asked them what I wanted to know about them. This activity filled confidence in me so that I could communicate better. I learnt almost all conversation with my team members after this class rather than learning the professional words from the lecture. I learnt how important it was to be good at communication and to be able to engage with teams to get a better understanding of a new field. Since I had not done any prior readings, I did not completely understand this unit’s structure despite the fact that my unit coordinator had clearly explained everything. Besides, I was busy in few advanced professional expressions. I was eager about making a time management plan so that I was clear about the assignment submission due dates, h omework requirements and the prior reading required. It would help improve my efficiency and time management skills. Week 2 In week 2, I liked the searching activity in which I had to use the library resources together with my team members. We discovered a lot of information about our studies by accessing the online data available at the ECU website. I found out that this online library tool enabled us to locate a variety of sources. We could easily locate references of a specific year by looking at the sources for its year range. Our team did a referencing exercise including both end-text and in-text referencing following the referencing guide of ECU. We also reviewed our first pieces of reflection and exchanged views upon that with one another. For example, my team members liked my management plan’s format whereas I liked the terminology abbreviation memorizing process proposed by my mate. This activity helped improve our formatting and research skills, and also improved my ability to cooperate with my team. There was also an activity that our team did which was least interesting. It comprised two scenarios with the same set of questions about the ACE theory of Kathleen Reardon. Understanding it with real examples would have been easier than the case study in the book. Since I had done the pre-reading of the chapter â€Å"Persuasion†, I knew its importance and features already, along with the strategies needed to make effective persuasions. This part went smoothly. However, I needed to develop competence in the theoretical part of the persuasion along with their relevant terms. The learning I have gained from the online library searching activity will help me in the studies in the future and will also improve my cooperation and communication skills. I have also learnt the strategies of persuasion that I will use in my professional career in the future. Most importantly, I have developed good interpersonal skills. Week 3 Week 3 was about managem ent of stress and time. In this week, we did an activity i.e. Exercise 4B that attracted me because it was very much real; we gave a life stress test that helped us identify our stress conditions by answering different questions about our life events. I calculated my scope by ticking off many boxes of life events that were related to me and that might cause stress. I thought I would score the highest since I thought of myself as a highly stressed person, but I was surprised to learn that I had scored the lowest. I learnt that everybody experiences stress, and that

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Bmw’s Dream Factory and Culture Essay Example for Free

Bmw’s Dream Factory and Culture Essay The culture at BMW is an entrepreneurial culture which emphasizes creativity, risk taking and the bottom-up system of freewheeling ideas. The top-down management style is popular in Germany but not at the BMW. As soon as associates start working at the BMW, they will have the sense of the place, history and the mission of the company. BMW creates a working environment that promotes easier communications between leaders and employees. Every employee can contribute his or her ideas and creations via either formal or informal ways. For example, an employee sees his or her supervisor by chance on the way to lunch, he/she can tell this person of the idea which has just happened in his/her mind. More importantly, their voices and their ideas are heard, welcomed and brought into discussions and consideration. As a result, a car from BMW is often a production of thousands of impromptu brainstorming sessions. Furthermore, BMW cares for the benefits of its employees. It includes all employees in profit sharing. It has a plan that distributes as much as one and a half months’ extra pay at the end of the year to employees. The company also provides a high level of job security for its employees. Lastly, BMW also focuses on high-quality but practical products which meet the demand of consumers and are highly competitive with other auto producers. The company’s near-failure from producing impractical and expensive cars during the postwar time in 1959 was a big lesson for them. This near-failure is always retold and mentioned in all new orientations for the new associates. It helps to remind all employees at BMW of a lesson learned for the company in developing its plans in the future and ensuring that kind of mistake should never happen again. 2. Discuss the model of leadership illustrated at BMW. The model of leadership illustrated at BMW is the consideration model of leadership. The leaders at BMW have close relationships with subordinates that are based on mutual trust, two-way and open communications, and respect for employees’ ideas. The managers at BMW must stay humble and work closely with subordinates and their peers. The Leipzig factory, which looks like an art museum, is a very creative working environment that can make the communications between managers and employees easier. Managers at BMW are the ones who know to make the right questions to ask their subordinates, not the ones who have all the right answers. They also emphasize the satisfaction of their employees’ needs and provide as many benefits to their employees as possible. They are approachable and always willing to listen to their employees. They think if the employees are well motivated, better cars will be produced. . Discuss how the leadership model contributes to the culture. The leadership model at BMW shortens the distance between leaders and subordinates. The relationships between them are built on mutual trust. Employees can feel free to raise their innovative ideas to their managers anytime and anywhere. When the employees see that their voice is heard, they are more encouraged to talk. Moreover, the company cares for the employees’ benefits. In return, the employees are very flexible to contribute their best for the company. The employees do not mind working temporarily for months in another work location which requires them to be far away from their family. They are willing to work for extra hours without being concerned about overtime. In summary, the leadership model at BMW has made it such a culture that is quite distinct from other German companies. 4. Discuss why employees derive high job satisfaction at BMW. The employees of BMW derive high job satisfaction because their benefits are well cared of, their voice is heard and their hard work is highly appreciated. Also, their job security at BMW is high. Any employees, regardless of what grade they are, can contribute their ideas and their innovations to the company’s managers easily. There are no complicated, formal processes or procedures required to send their ideas to their management teams. Furthermore, when the company gets more profits, the employees will also be more benefited. Good working environment is developed and paid attention to. In conclusion, BMW’s employees are highly motivated so they are satisfied and willing to contribute more to the development of the company.

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Women in the Military Essay examples -- Women in Military Essays

I am in favor of equality for women, just not when it comes to women in combat. There have been women in society doing heroic things since the Revolutionary war. There have been brave women in war posing as men so they could fight. There are a select few women who could handle war and combat. The negative aspects of women in combat outweigh the positive. Women should not participate in military combat. However they may join the military and served in traditional roles such as nurses and office staff. The difference between men and women is women are physically weaker, they have vital personal needs, and they attract male troops. Women are physically weaker. Their genetic structure is made differently than the males. Susan Brownmiller wrote in "Femininity" that "Men were straight-edged, sharply pronged and formidable, women were softly curved" (126). When I go to the weight room there are never any women lifting free weights. When they do, it is usually the bar only. Males generally lift at least forty-five pounds on each side of the bar. My friend was in the military for over thr...

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Mother/Daughter Relationship in “I Stand Here Ironing”

There are numerous reasons why a child behaves in a certain way or why he or she grew up to be the person they are now.   Experts say that how a mother brings up her kid greatly affects the psychological thinking of her child.   Well, besides the other factors like race, environment, health, and education, they say that mothers have a great role in the nurturing of their child.   This is shown in the works, â€Å"I Stand Here Ironing† by Tillie Olsen and â€Å"Two Kinds† by Amy Tan.   However, it was mother-daughter relationship shown in these emotion-steering novels. In the first novel mentioned, â€Å"I Stand Here Ironing†, this featured a mother who let the so-called experts take care of her child.   She thinks that the experts know what is best for her child (   Although she does want to follow the rules of these experts but she was forced to do so because she does not have any other choice ( However, the environment also plays a large role why she was forced to follow the experts in sending her child, Emily, to nursery at a very early age, and sending her to a recuperative home where she moves by numbers, where she was not free to do what she wants and Emily was not even allowed to have physical contact with her parents.   And during this time, America was experiencing the Great Depression.   It was hard for the mother to manage their home, take care of young Emily, and it was most difficult to work. And because she had to work, she did not have ample time to spend with Emily.   It even got to a point where she had to let her parents-in-law to take care of Emily.   It was also a huge adjustment when her mother remarried but things got worse when she had four younger siblings.   There was also a time when the mother was pregnant with her second daughter and Emily got measles.   She was not permitted to come close her mother for the safety of not only her mother but also the baby.   As for school, Emily performed not at all satisfactory. Having four siblings to take care of, she can only study at night when all of them are already asleep.   Not to mention that her brothers and sisters were the culprit for scribbles on important material and missing books.   Emily was not at all close to her mother no matter how her mother tried to be close to her.   Her mother was too busy doing other things that she had not been really in touch with her daughter. Emily was always left alone.   On the contrary, she had a knack for arts and comedy.   Though her childhood can be classified as bleak, she can be found shining through the art of comedy.   It is quite remarkable that Emily had made it through it all without the actual help and guidance of her mother.   Unexpectedly, she found her real self, what her passion was without the supervision of her mother. The latter novel, â€Å"Two Kinds†, was presented as a mother prompting her child to excel in all fields especially in the field where the mother thinks that the child has a lot of potential at.   It was a novel wherein the child was forced to follow what her mother wants her to be.   It was a novel wherein the mother takes control of the life of the child.   She will determine the future of the child.   And great depression and misery await if their wants are not obeyed.   It involves kids prodded to be stars and geniuses. Well, it is usual for mothers to want the best for their children.   Although, sometimes, it gets worse that the children are not allowed to make their own choices.   Why do mothers, not only mothers but the same goes for both parents, behave this way?   This may be due to competition with other parents that they have produced a genius.   Or it may be due to their wants as kids that they did not achieve, so they want their children to be what they want to be.   Sometimes, the child becomes a rebel due to this kind of bearing. The child rearing style of the two novels are not exactly correct but it was the best they can think of.   The first was too lenient while the latter, too strict.   Although both mothers idolize the famous Shirley Temple, the first mother let he child be what she wants to be, while the other wanted her child to be a star.   Furthermore, both daughters achieved what they want to be in the end, but in different ways.   One was hiding from her mother and the other, from rebellion.   It is queer enough to think that no matter how a mother brings up her child, it would be the child’s decision who she wants to be and how she is going to make it there. REFERENCES BookRags Student Essays on â€Å"Two Kinds† by Amy Tan. 2000-2006. I Stand Here Ironing Summary, Detailed Analysis. I Stand Here Ironing Summary, Detailed Summary.      

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The Is A Philosophical Theme Taught By Epicurus - 1306 Words

Epicureanism is a philosophical theme taught by Epicurus, this theme that stresses the goal of a joyful and a pleasurable life. In the Hellenistic Age, epicureanism was extremely influential. Epicurus, the founder of Epicureanism, is best known for his different personality, unlike all the other ancient philosophers, excluding Socrates (O Keefe). Epicurus accumulated a group of disciples and taught them, after that he became known as the â€Å"philosophy of the Garden.† The wisdom theory, epicureanism, is a form of the hedonism theory that describes different types of pleasure, different types of desires, the virtues, the importance of friendship, and death. Epicureanism is a philosophical theory that is a form of hedonism. Epicurus once said, â€Å"That the only thing that is intrinsically valuable is one s own pleasure; anything else that has value is valuable merely as a means to securing pleasure for oneself† (O Keefe). This quote from Epicurus shows that pleasure i s important to the value of happiness in life. But how is Epicureanism a type of hedonism? The answer is that, Epicureanism is a form of hedonism because they both believe that pleasure is what leads to happiness. Since they both believe that pleasure leads to happiness, the way to know the difference between the two is that hedonists believe that the people must find a way to increase their own pleasures, whatever they might include and Epicureanism is the belief that people must control their own pleasures basedShow MoreRelatedGreek Influence on Rome3191 Words   |  13 Pagessubjects into their everyday lives. One of the adopted subjects was philosophy. The Greeks had many great philosophical minds like Epicurus, Socrates, and Zenon. The two forms of philosophy that educated Romans were interested in, and supported, were Stoicism and Epicureanism [ (Shelton 421) ]. They gave Romans piece of mind and comfort, due to how relaxing the methods being taught were [ (Shelton 421 ) ]. In fact, Epicureanism had a lot to do with the idea that pleasure is nothing more than